New Business Cards and Notecards from Moo


I recently ordered some business cards and notecards from Moo and am so impressed with the quality. I ordered the soft touch business cards and the matte postcards, which are coated on one side and uncoated (for writing) on the other. The colors are pretty consistent on both paper stocks and the art shows up nice and vibrant.

I always knew that I would be using their Printfinity feature to showcase some of the patterns I have created. Receiving these cards was the moment that my recent decision to be a freelancer felt so official.


I am excited to use these note cards to send handwritten thank you notes to collaborators and people who have taken the time to meet with me or given me a referral. Everyone has been so supportive of this transition and I am feeling so very grateful and excited.


I have worked with a lot of print on demand companies and moo has been my favorite so far. If you want to order something from them and you use this link, you get $15 off and I will get $15 towards my next order. No pressure! This is not a sponsored post. I am just really happy with the product.


Process: Grow Free Collection


Here are some process photos of my most recent "Grow Free" collection. I created 13 inspiration flowering cacti pieces to license in the wall art and calendar markets. I have also made a few of them available on Society 6. Stay tuned! I may make more of them available on there.

Acryla Neutral Gray No. 4 Gouache (outlines)
• 3/0 Arista Pure Kolinsky Sable Brush (yes, this is a photography spotting brush, but I love it and it is what I had laying around)
• Scanner
• iPad Pro / Pencil
Astropad app to mirror Photoshop
• Bluetooth keyboard
Desktop Easel: husband says this is easel-y the best $30 I have spent.
• Kyle Webster's gouache brushes (Used to fill in the outlines. Highly recommend all of Kyle's brushes. These gouache ones are now available to use directly on the iPad through Adobe Sketch, which syncs to Creative Cloud. Amazing!)
• Dry brush backgrounds created with watercolor and an old janky brush I have


View the entire collection here.

Purchase prints and pillows here.

Detail of gouche outlines.

Detail of gouche outlines.

This is why I create botanical artwork. I am a wannabe green thumb. I even kill air plants. Any tips I should know for keeping these babies alive?

This is why I create botanical artwork. I am a wannabe green thumb. I even kill air plants. Any tips I should know for keeping these babies alive?


Weekly Designistration: Yuzu


n my shop.


This was an epic weekend. Spa day, new flooring installed in part of our house and a new whippet puppy (photo below). We named her Yuzu because we love the fruit/pepper and the word sounded like a great dog name to us. I was nervous. I never lived with a dog in my home. Yuzu has turned out to be the sweetest dog ever. Never barks, sits on our laps while watching tv or reading, sleeps all night on top of our bedding in between us at perfect spot for us both to pet her. Plus, look at that face!