JENMO_PORT_2017_04_17 (sent to Areli 04.17.17) - typo, boo

JENMO_PORT_2017_04_23_steve (sent to Steve, 04.23.2017) typo, boo

JENMO_PORT_2017_04_28 (sent to rich, 04.28.2017 and Cynthia)

JENMO_PORT_2017_05_09_all (showed to creative circe in person)

JENMO_PORT_2017_05_09_books (book pres, sent to Hope, Shirin)

JENMO_PORT_2017_06_17_branding (Sent to Suarez+Benz, Ryan Bulldog + Dram)

JENMO_PORT_2017_06_23_all (all, no rpmc)

JENMO_PORT_2017_06_27_all (shared in person to nicolas)

JENMO_PORT_2017_06_27_b (shared with NSI Group, food packaging)

JENMO_PORT_2017_05_09_logos (logos only)

JENMO_PORT_2018_06_08_packaging (shared w christina o/department)


Animal Alphabet - Blogs

aa-files (Joni - Lay Baby Lay 05.20.17)

jenmontgomery_aa_press.zip (sent to destination nursery, )


resume (05.31.2017, linked on crowded and sent to a few people)


food (sent to gift basket people)