Cabin - My friends Bek and Zak.

Cameron Shepherd

Chasing Raspberries - A friend's fitness blog.

Dynamite Starfish - My friend Leslie started this climbing lifestyle brand.

Josh Hernandez - Josh is a very talented designer that currently works at Meat and Potatoes.

Leslie Kim - Leslie is a super talented designer I met at Meat and Potatoes.

Meat and Potatoes - I am proud to have worked here as a Designer and Senior Art Director for over 7 years.

Sugar and Charm - I worked with Zan, Eden's husband at Meat and Potatoes.


I listen to a lot of podcasts while I work and drive. Here are some of my favorites. Got any recommendations? I'd love to hear from you. Email me!


Professor Blastoff - I love Tig Notaro's deadpan sense of humor and her comedic attitude towards serious life problems. Tig, Kyle Dunnigan, and David Huntsberger talk philosophy, science and humanities.

WTF with Marc Maron - Marc Maron (comedian-turned-podcaster) is a master interviewer. He gets celebrities and other comedians to tell-all. Often, guests will say, “I can’t believe I am talking about this.”
Favorites: Fiona Apple

Throwing Shade - "Taking a weekly look at all the issues important to ladies and gays...and treating them with much less respect than they deserve." Bonus: they have a super-fun website.



Design Matters - Interviews with designers, makers, writers and educators. This is my favorite podcast to listen to on the way to work. Favorites: Tina Roth Eisenberg, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Aaron Draplin, Heather B. ArmstrongIsaac Mizrahi

The New Disruptors - "Discussions on the changing economy for making things."

Your Dreams, My Nightmares - Conversations with designers and illustrators with some indie music edited in.


This American Life - No list of great podcasts would be complete without this one. Weekly show featuring a variety of stories on a single theme.

The Moth - "True stories told live without notes."

Radiolab - Beautiful sounds and music entwined with thought-provoking ideas, stories, and information. Brilliantly edited.

RISK! - "True tales, boldly told." Many NSFW.



The Joe Rogan Experience - Comedian and former MMA fighter-turned-podcaster interviews celebrities, comedians, actors, musicians, MMA instructors, commentators, authors, artists, doctors, alternative medicine specialists and more. Favorites: Dr. Ronda Patrick, Roseanne Barr

Lively Show - "Weekly podcast designed to add a little extra intention to your every day."

Reply All - The hosts of TLDR went on to make this show about the internet. Favorites: This Website is For Sale,  JennicamThe Secret, Gruesome Internet For Doctors

TLDR - Short for "Too Long, Didn't Read." This show will have no new episodes, but the archives are binge-worthy. Produced by WNYC. Favorites: The Unicorn (someone who has never used the internet), One Hundred Songs in a Day, The Army's Robot Recruiter, Silence



I used to commute 2-4 hours a day. Engaging audio content was a must for me. A really good audiobook would actually make the drive something to look forward to each day. Here are some of my favorite audiobooks I've listened to.

Bossy Pants written and narrated by Tina Fey - This is my favorite audiobook. I've listened to it a few times. It never gets old for me.

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear written and narrated by Elizabeth Gilbert - I highly recommend this book. Elizabeth has a clever way of separating fear and creativity from the artist's ego. The book motivated me to be more committed to my passion projects and to finish them out. Listen to it. Trust me. 

Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger - Guilty pleasure listening. Made my commute breeze by.

Food: A Love Story written and narrated by Jim Gaffigan - This audiobook had me crylaughing multiple times.

Linchpin written and narrated by Seth Godin- How and why to make yourself indispensable.

Love Life written and narrated by Rob Lowe - This is less about his love life and more about loving life. It made me feel good while listening to this. Rob Lowe is uplifting and honest.

Screw it, Let's Do It written and narrated by Richard Branson - Engaging. Richard's energy motivated me to start some of my side projects that have been brewing.

Eat, Pray, Love written and narrated by Elizabeth Gilbert - Elizabeth Gilbert chronicles her post-divorce journey of self discovery as "she eats (in Italy), prays (in India), and finds love (in Indonesia)." This was the first audiobook I listened to and I was so completely hooked.

Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly written and narrated by Anthony Bourdain - I've listened to a few of Bordain's books. This was my favorite.

Blogs I Follow

I use the Feedly reader to keep up with blogs. Some of these I skim, some I read in full.


Allan Peters - Features solid design work. The badgehunting posts are my favorite.

Behance 99U - Productivity for creative people.

BibliOdyssey - More vintage things.

Brand New - An Under Consideration blog about corporate branding.

BOOOOOOOM! - Eye candy.

Co.Design - Fast Company's design blog. "Inspiring stories about innovation and business, seen through the lens of design."

Core 77 - Industrial design blog.

Design Work Life - Design blog. Currently on hiatus, but lots of great inspiration in the archives.

FPO: For Print Only - Showcases lovely printed pieces and breaks down the production details. I will often use images from this blog and this Pinterest board to show clients what printing techniques will look like.

Graphic Exchange - Beautifully curated design blog.

I Love Typography - Typography blog.

Letterology - Vintage things.

Swissmiss - Design, inspiration and playful products. - Typography blog by Hoefler and Co.

Vintage Me Oh My - Vintage eye candy.



101 Cookbooks - Healthy recipe journal.

The Amateur Gourmet - "Funny food blog with recipes, restaurant reviews, food videos and more from the mind (and kitchen) of Adam Roberts."

David Lebovitz

Love and Lemons - Austin food blog with "simple, seasonal, plant-based recipes." 


The Kichn - Apartment Therapy's Food blog.

On Food - Mark Bittman's for the New York Times.

Serious Eats

Simply Recipes

Smitten Kitchen - "Fearless cooking from a tiny kitchen in New York City."

Sprouted Kitchen - Seasonal, healthy, uncomplicated recipes and beautiful photography.

Tasteologie - There are a lot of food-picture aggregate sites out there (FoodgawkerTastespotting, etc.). They all seem the same to me, so I skim just one of them.

What Katie Ate - Australian food and photography blog.



Becoming Minimalist

I Heart Organizing

Lifehacker: Organization

Young House Love



Business Insider

Dream Job Shop - Features posts about productivity, creative lifestyles, finance, artist interviews and studio tours.

Mr. Money Mustache - Frugality and Stoicism from a 30-something retiree.



Tiny Buddha




Laughing Squid - People always tell me "You find the weirdest things." Many of them come from this blog.

Mrs. Lilien


Refinery 29


Auto Didact

I like to learn while I work.

Make Art That Sells - Commercial illustration e-classes taught by agent extraordinaire, Lilla Rogers. I am currently taking the self-paced MATS B class.

Creative Mornings - Breakfast lecture series for the creative community. Sometimes I listen to these while I work.

Humble Pied - Short video interviews of inspiring makers sharing one bit of advice. It's been a few years since any new videos have been posted, but the archives are still worth watching.

Lynda - Creative, technology and business classes. Watch my bosses class on Lynda here.

Skillshare - My favorite classes on here so far have been from Spencer Charles and Jessica Hische. Use this link to sign up and we both get a free month. 

Productivity Tools

I love them. I have tried so many. These are the ones I use the most.

Trello - Powerful cloud based to-do list and organizing tool. Here are some tips. Also, this extension allows you to have sub-lists displayed up front.

Airtable - Better than spreadsheets.

Harvest - I save a lot of time by using Harvest for time tracking, invoicing and logging mileage. 

Quickbooks Online - I input all of my invoices from Harvest automatically into QBO. QBO has better accounting tools (profit/loss reports, better expense tracking). I don't love the design of the invoices, so I also use Harvest. I also love that my accountant can log in.

Social Media Tools

Later - I use this app to schedule my posts on Instagram. - Free tool to help you display multiple links in your Instagram bio.


Squarespace - A platform for making websites very easily. I cannot recommend this service enough. This website is hosted on squarespace.

YogaGlo - When I cannot make it to a yoga studio, I often take classes on here. My favorite teachers on there are Tiffany Cruikshank, Kathryn Budig and David Harshada Wagner (meditation).